Highway Department

15620 Chautauqua Road
Petersburg, Illinois  62675

Office: (217) 632-2722

Garage (217) 632-2316

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Garage Hours:
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

County Engineer: Corey A. Dowd menardhwy1@sbcglobal.net
Administrative Technician:  Liz Schultz


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Description of Services

The Menard County Highway Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all bridges and roads in the Menard County Highway System.  In addition to constructing and maintaining the 95 miles of county highways and 24 bridges, upon request, the department provides advice and assistance to the nine road districts concerning the 392 miles of highways and 49 bridges under road district jurisdiction.

 - Sealcoat:  Oil & Chip

 - Pothole Patching

 - Bridge & Culvert Repairs

 - Bridge Deck Cleaning/Sweeping

 - Mowing

 - Snow and Ice Removal

 - Crack Filling

 - Shoulder Repairs

 - Culvert Replacement

 - Ditch Cleaning/Replacement

 - Sign Maintenance

 - Brush & Tree Trimming

Any concerns or compliments about roads or bridges should be addressed to the appropriate agency.  If on a Menard County Highway, forward the concern to the Menard County Highway Department.  If on a Road District road, forward the concern to the appropriate road commissioner. 


Please click on any of the following items to view or print the information.

 - Menard County Road System
 - Menard County Road Commissioner's & Clerks

 - Map of Local Road Districts

 - Menard County Snow Removal Policy

 - Menard County Snow Routes Map

 - Posted Bridges

 - Posted Bridges (map)

 - Property Damage Claim Form

 - Removing Road Paint From Vehicle 

 - ADA Transition Plan


Weight Limits 

 - Weight Limits
 - Weight Limit Permit  
 - Weight Limits Map 
 - Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Limits
 - Overweight/Oversize Permit Policy


Please check out the following sites for more related information:

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 - IL Association of County Engineers

 - IL Farm Bureau: Truck & Trailer Size and Weight

 - IL State Water Survey - Soil Temperatures



2024 Proposals

-22-02114-00 BR Plans

-22-02114-00 BR Special Provisions