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Menard County Health Department

Menard County Food Inspection Report Sangamon County Food Inspection Report 

The Menard County Board of Health, Menard County, Sangamon County Board of Health and Sangamon County have entered into an agreement to provide certain public health services for Menard County allowing the Menard County Board of Health to maintain a certified local Health Department.

The Sangamon County Department of Public Health will provide public health services for the following programs in Menard County:

1) Infectious Disease Control
2) Food Protection
3) Private Sewage Disposal
4) Potable Water Supply
Water testing kits are available for purchase in the Menard County Community Services Office.

Additionally, the following services will be provided to Menard County Citizens:

1) WIC
2) Family Case Management
3) Vision and Hearing
4) Tobacco Prevention
5) Tanning
6) Lead Poisoning Prevention
7) Women's Health
8) Dental Sealant
9) Emergency Preparedness
10) Weed Control (as required by applicable State of Illinois law)

Please contact our local office at:
One Centre Drive
Petersburg, Illinois 62675

Sangamon County Department of Public Health
Menard County Weed Control Ordinance
Application to Operate a Mobile Food Service Establishment
Application to Operate a Seasonal Food Service Establishment
Application for License to Operate a Temporary Food Service Establishment 
Application to Operate an Annual Food Service Establishment 
Application for Permit for Private Sewage Disposal Installation
Application for Cottage Food Operation
Private Sewage Disposal Contractors Registration Certificate Application
Water Well Sealing Form 
Application for Permit to Construct, Modify or Abandon a Water Well 
Boil Order or Interrupted Water Service in a Food Establishment
Food and Water Safety During Power Outages and Floods  
List of Soil Scientists 
Menard County Plan Review (Food Only) Application 
Menard County Community IPLAN


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